Lone Oak Cemetery

Leesburg, Lake, Fl
Directions: West of Leesburg, Main Street,  turn north on Thomas Rd. Cemetery is located on the right.

A Trust Fund, entitled Lone Oak Preservation Trust, has been established to give Lone Oak the funds required to preserve the history and heritage of Leesburg and its residents buried on these grounds. The goal is for the trust to become large enough that the interest generated will take the place of the cemetery maintenance grant now given by the City of Leesburg. This grant from the city is not guaranteed, and could end at any time. This Trust should NOT be confused with the trust fund required by the State of Florida - Lone Oak CANNOT draw from this State required trust.

Lone Oak also has the previously established "Improvement Fund" - these donations being used to assist with day to day operations of the cemetery such as utilities, irrigation water, insurance, Workers Comp, grounds emprovement, etc.

Donations to the  Improvement Fund are greatly appreciated by the Board of Trustees and the staff and can be mailed to PO Box 490804, Leesburg, FL 34748- 0804 OR donations to the Lone Oak Preservation Trust mailed to to Sandy Stokes at 1035 W. Dixie Ave., Leesburg, FL 34748 . Contributions to either fund are tax deductible and tax ID numbers will be furnished to you.

Note: Newly paved roadways were donated by anonymous "friends of the cemetery".

The cemetery has no internet connection at this time.

This listing has not been verified by rewalking the cemetery and viewing the tombstones.  The plot/spot map and numbers  below do not use the same numbers as the tombstone listing in the office at this time.  In the future it will be revised.  If you feel something is not correct, please notify me.  

Lone Oak Cemetery plot map

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