1870 (9th) Federal Census - Clay County, Florida

Microfilm Roll #128; Record Group M593

Comments about the 1870 Clay Co., FL Census: This county was filmed with pages out of order. To help mitigate the confusion this causes, I will be adding these pages in order of the County Page Number.  In addition, I know of a few families that were enumerated twice and will mark them also.

* = Hard to read or decipher handwriting (only applies to word immediately in front of the *). I used my best guess and apologize if they are wrong.

? = still hard to read, but I gave an alternative in the comments.

County Page No. ______34________ Stamp Page No. _____325______ (B)
SCHEDULE 1.   Inhabitants in__________________, in the County of_Clay____,
          State of __Florida__,  enumerated by me on the __5th____ day of _ August_, 1870.
Post Office:  __Sanderson__                             _____Wm. W. Howell______, Asst. Marshall
Line # Dwelling # Family # Name(Last,First) Age Sex Color Occupation  Value of Real Estate Value of Pers. Prop. Birthplace Foreign Born Father Foreign Born Mother Born in Census Yr. (Month) Married in Census Yr. Attended School Cannot Read Cannot Write Whether Deaf and Dumb, blind, insane, or idiotic Males, US Citizens, over 21 Males, US Citizens, over 21, NOT eligible to vote **PERSONAL COMMENTS**
1 247 235 Mentor, W. B. 30 M W Farmer $100 $300 Georgia /
2 Mentor, Phelopha 28 F W Keeping Hse. Georgia
3 Mentor, Joseph 5 M W Florida
4 Mentor, Levy 4 M W Florida
5 Mentor, Phelopha 2 F W Florida
6 Mentor, Frances P. 9/12 F W Florida Oct1869
7 248 236 Eubanks, Eliza 43 F W Farmer $300 $150 Georgia
8 Eubanks, William 21 M W Farm Laborer Florida /
9 Eubanks, Elizabeth 19 F W Florida
10 Eubanks, Mary 17 F W Florida
11 Eubanks, Josephine 15 F W Florida
12 Eubanks, James 13 M W Farm Laborer Florida
13 Eubanks, Charles 11 M W Farm Laborer Florida
14 Eubanks, Walter 9 M W Farm Laborer Florida
15 Eubanks, Abender 7 M W Florida
16 249 237 Geiger, Aaron 42 M W Farmer $500 $400 Georgia /
17 Geiger, Millie 30 F W Keeping Hse. Georgia
18 Geiger, Abagail 13 F W Florida /
19 Geiger, Martha J. 12 F W Florida /
20 Geiger, Margrat 8 F W Florida /
21 Geiger, Annie 6 F W Florida
22 Geiger, Mary 3 F W Florida
23 Geiger, Elizabeth 2 F W Florida
24 250 238 Green, Martha 43 F W Keeping Hse. $600? Florida
25 Green, Mary 20 F W Florida
26 Green, Martha 18 F W Florida
27 Green, James 16 M W Farm Laborer Florida
28 Green, Samuel 14 M W Farm Laborer Florida
29 Green, Elizabeth 12 F W Florida
30 Green, Caroline 10 F W Florida
31 Green, Sarah 8 F W Florida
32 251 239 Lee, George W. 32 M W Farm Laborer Georgia /
33 Lee, Nancy A. 23 F W Keeping Hse. Florida / /
34 Lee, Thomas T. 6 M W Florida
35 Lee, Mary M. 5 F W Florida
36 Lee, Lewis 2 M W Florida
37 Lee, General 7/12 M W Florida Mch1870
38 252 240 Riggs, Sealy 50 F W Keeping Hse. Georgia
39 Riggs, Martha 25 F W Florida
40 Riggs, William 23 M W Farm Laborer Florida /

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Transcribed by Jennifer Cooper 6/14/1999

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