Margaret  Felicia White McMillan

Margaret Felicia White was born in Tazewell, Virginia at 5 Oaks on 30 November, 1869.  Her father, Gaspar Corterial White, was born 17 July 1844 in Wise, Va.  He worked for the railroad and was killed in an accident  in Jul 1903.  Her mother,  Margaret Austin, was a native of Tazewell.  She was born August 28, 1849.  Margaret Margaret McMillanwas one of  four children.  

She enjoyed horseback riding in her childhood.  Her sister married a man from Welch, W. Va. and she spent time there as well as Fort Valley.

She began corresponding with James Sidney McMillan who had seen her picture in the rooming house he was living in at the time.  They met and were married in Tazewell, Va. on December 27, 1905 with her grandfather, Samuel Wesley Austin, officiating.  She moved with her new husband to Fort Valley, Ga.  Eventually, they bought the home he was living in and it became a single family residence.  

She was a "Southern Lady" through and through.  She was mindful of her duties to her Lord and his church.  Living just across the street from the Methodist Church on Church St. she entertained many of the ministers who came for meetings or to preach.  She was active in the programs of the church.

She loved her home and took pride in it.  

She and her husband had five children.  Two died in infancy.  The other 3- 2 girls and a boy grew up with music as an intergral part of their home life.  She was an avid card player as well as other board games.  Her home was open to the friends of her children as well.  The children spent many happy hours playing tennis, as well as indoor games. Her life was well rounded.  

One of her children was born after she had enjoyed an afternoon of bridge at a neighbors home.  The other players were astonished because they did not even realize she was going to have a child.  

She ministered to the sick around her.  After the family moved to Eustis, Fl., in 1932, she still continued her good works.  In 1948 a neighbor was sick and she took a casserole from her back door to the neighbors. It had been raining and she slipped and fell.  She broke her hip.  It was healing well when a blood clot moved and she died July 19, 1948.  

She was buried in Greenwood Cemetery in Eustis.  


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