Reverend James Smiley Porter

April 22, 1851 - April 12/13, 1902

Prominent Methodist Minis-
    ter Died Today.
Rev. James Smiley Porter, Who Came
       Here Recently         for Benefit of   
His Health.
 Rev. James Smiley Porter, aged 47 years, died this  morning at 5 o'clock
at the residence of his brother, H. P.
Porter, commercial agent of the Sea-
board Air Line.  Rev. Porter came here
two weeks ago from Marion, S.C., for
the benefit of his health.  HE was af-
flicted with a bowel touble, and this
was the cause of his death.
  Although a comparatively young
man, Mr. Porter had been a minister
of the gospel for twenty-five years, and
was a successful worker in the Mas-
ter's vineyard.  His father, Rev. J. A.
Porter, also a distinguished minister,
was with him in his last illness. He
leaves a wife and six children.  Mrs.
Porter, came here with him, but the
children are all at the home in Ma-
rion,S. C. A brother and six
sisters survive him- H. P. Porter, Mrs. E.
O. Johnson, Mrs. E. C. Blakeand Mrs.
L. H.Williams, of this city; Mrs. M. I.
McMillan, of Marion, S. C.; Mrs. G.
W. Huggins, of Crosland, Ga, and
Mrs. H. C. Bond, of Chattanooga, Tn
 Mr. Porter was a prominent Mason
and also a member of the Woodmen
of the World.
  The body has been embalmed and
will be shipped Sunday to Marion, S.
C., for interment accompanied by
Rev. J. A. Porter, H. P. Porter and the
  Earnest sympathy is extended the
bereaved ones in their great sorrow.
Rev. james S. Porter, Who Was
Visiting His Brother Here.
  Rev. James Smiley Porter, aged 47,
of Marion, S. C., died yesterday morn-
ing at 5 o'clock at the residence of his
brother, H. _Pl Porter, on Nebraska avenue.
  The Deceased is one of the most
prominent Methodist ministers of the
South, and came to Tampa two weeks
ago for the benefit of his health.  He
leaves a brother and six sisters to
morn his loss.
  The remains will be forwarded Sun-
day to Marion, S. C., for interment.
The father of the deceased, Rev. J. A.
Porter, the widow, and H. P. Porter
will accompany the remains to their
last resting place.
Tampa Tribune