World War II Casualties from Putnam County

The following information on World War II Putnam County casualties was submitted by John MacKenzie. Thanks John!


  • KIA....Killed in Action
  • DIA....Died in Action
  • DNB....Died Non-Battle
  • DOW....Died of Wounds

    Barker, William J. PFC. KIA
    Bersch, Phillip G. MSgt DNB
    Bostic, Andrew B. Pvt. DOW

    Calhoun, Benjamin P. Sgt. DNB
    Cothron, Sr., Robert H. KIA - submitted by descendant, Robert H. Cothron, III

    Dowda, Thomas B. PFC. KIA

    Eastmore, James E. 3 Lt. DNB
    Elliott, Solon W, Jr. SSgt. KIA

    Furman, Donald Pvt. DNB

    Head, Lewis Pvt. DNB
    Hunter, Clifford J. 3 Lt. KIA

    Larkin, Jasper K. 3 Lt. DNB
    Leader, Harold M. PFC. KIA

    Mosley, Luke R. Pvt. DNB

    Smith, Francis E. PFC. KIA
    Stewart, Lonnie A. PFC. KIA
    Sweat, Grover A. TEC5. KIA
    Sykes, Johnnie M. PFC. KIA
    Tanner, Donald G. PFC. DOW
    Thomas, Robert L. PFC. KIA
    Thornton, Joseph E. PFC. KIA

    Walker, General O. Cpl. DNB
    White, Edwin C. PFC. KIA
    White, Willie M. Pvt. DNB
    Wilkinson, Julius M. SSgt. KIA

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