Putnam Relics from the Past 

Rope sizer info

Central Vacuum System

Thor Washing Machine
Rope sizer                   
 Central Vac Home System from 1915.  The unit
had a long hose that  would plug into various parts
 of the 2 story home, also it had extensions and
various ends for different cleaning jobs.  
Central Vacuum Cleaner

Instructions say:  OIL ONCE EACH MONTH
                         MOTOR TWO PLACE 
                         PUMP THREE PLACES         
Car tags had the digits indicating the county they
 were registered in and their ranking by size.
 Dade being the largest county sported a 1 before
the other numbers in the tag.

Thor Name

This washing machine has a crank that turns the
drum which fits in the end of the machine. Clothes
were loaded by lifting the lid on top.  It was in made sometime early 1900's.  

              Car Tag numbers denoting county
               Car tags began with a number denoting the
they were purchased in. Dade being the
               largest county 
was given #1. Duval was next in

Cards from early 1900s

Christmas note

Easter 1910s card

Linen napkin with embroidery and cutwork

Valentine stickers
Denisons Valentine Seals

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