1850 Census of Putnam County, FL Index
transcribed by Sandra Willis

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Allen, W.B.
Ashley, Edward
Ashley, Harris
Ashley, Hiram
Ashley, Maria
Austin, James J.
Austin, John
Austin, Leoma
Austin, Maria
Austin, Sarah
Barber, Cornelius
Barber, Lucretia
Barber, Miss Martha
Barber, Nancy
Bardin, Sarah
Baxley, Barbara
Baxley, James
Baxley, Jane
Baxley, William
Baxley, Willis
Blanchard, F.H.
Blanchard, H.R.
Blanchard, Harriett C.
Blanchard, Ruth M.
Boyd, Robt. T.
Brush, Chs W.
Cannon, Elisha
Cannon, John
Cannon, Mary
Cannon, Redick
Cannon, Redick
Cannon, Sally
Carter, Alvilda
Carter, Benjamin
Carter, Casaia
Carter, David
Carter, George
Carter, Henry
Carter, James
Carter, John
Carter, Matilda
Carter, Rachael
Carter, William
Chapman, Benj.
Chapman, Charlotte C.
Cherry, Eliza
Cherry, James
Cherry, James
Clark, Alex
Clark, Amelia
Clark, John
Clark, John H.
Clark, Philip
Clark, Susan S.
Clemens, Henry
Cole, Anna
Cole, Archibald H.
Cole, John H.
Cole, Mary L.
Connor, Louis
Connor, Maria
Cooper, Paula
Cooper, Robinson
Cooper, Willoughby
Coverly, Thomas
Cowart, Dicey
Cowart, Elizabeth
Cowart, Hillray
Cowart, Hiram
Cowart, Larkin
Crews, Alexander
Crews, Martha
Crews, Mary Ann
Crews, Mary Ann
Crosby, Thomas
Curry, Anna
Curry, Cain
Curry, Haritta
Curry, Jackson
Curry, Jones
Curry, Maria
Curry, Marianna
Curry, Martha A.
Curry, Rebecca
Curry, Sorrce
Dampyer, Elizabeth
Dampyer, John
Dampyer, John G.
Dampyer, William H.
Daniels, Anna
Daniels, Enoch
Daniels, James M.
Daniels, Jane
Daniels, Jefferson
Daniels, Leoma
Daniels, Leona
Daniels, Louis
Daniels, Marianna
Daniels, Martha
Daniels, Melinda R.
Daniels, Menenia
Daniels, Nancy
Daniels, Paulee
Daniels, Roddy
Daniels, Wiley
Daniels, William
Daniels, William H.
Dardes, James
Dardes, Mary M.
Dardes, Peter
Dardes, Robert
Dardes, Robert
Dardes, William
Davenport, Wm
Dias, Ann
Dias, Ann
Dias, Hester
Dias, Isaac
Dias, Josanna
Dias, Master
Duke, K.R.
Dukes, Edward
Egins, Elender
Egins, Eliza
Egins, James
Egins, John
Fatio, Edward
Fatio, Rose Ann
Ferris, Caroline
Fetch, Joseph W.
Flanden, Charles E.
Flanden, Mary
Futch, Andrew J.
Futch, David
Futch, David J.
Futch, Eliza
Futch, Elizabeth
Futch, Fanny
Futch, Hester
Futch, Hester M.
Futch, Isaac
Futch, James
Futch, John
Futch, Joshua
Futch, Lavina
Futch, Martha
Futch, Mary Ann
Futch, Oneisemus
Futch, Ruben
Futch, Stephen D.
Futch, Susan A.
Futch, William
Gibbs, Amelia
Glinski, Stanislaus
Grainger, Absolom
Grainger, Ann
Grainger, Benjamin
Grainger, Cela
Grainger, Elizabeth
Grainger, Hugh
Grainger, John
Grainger, Margarett
Grainger, Merido
Green, Elizabeth
Green, James
Green, James C.
Green, James C.
Green, Jane
Green, Samuel
Green, Sarah
Green, Sarah A.
Green, William
Grover, Alfred
Grover, Andrew
Grover, Caroline
Grover, Charity
Grover, David
Grover, Elizabeth
Grover, Enoch
Grover, John
Grover, Kiziah
Grover, William
Gunter, Julian
Harman, Joseph
Harman, Mary Ann C.
Hazans, Jimsey
Hazans, John
Hazans, Lucinda
Henderson, Caroline
Henderson, Henry
Higginbottham, Ann
Higginbottham, Caleb
Higginbottham, David
Higginbottham, Elizabeth
Higginbottham, Joseph W.G.
Higginbottham, Lietch
Hill, Carlos
Hobkirk, David
Hobkirk, Fanny
Hobkirk, James
Hobkirk, Laura
Hopkins, Benj
Hopkins, Charles
Hopkins, Henry
Hopkins, Isabella
Hopkins, John L.
Hopkins, Joseph
Hopkins, Mary H.
Hopkins, Susan L.
Howels, P.
Jackson, Susan
Jackson, William
Johns, Albert
Johns, Luke
Kingsley, James
Kingsley, Loanze J.
Kirkland, Jane
Kirkland, Jane P.
Kirkland, John
Kirkland, Oliver H. P.
Kirkland, Tereza
Knowles, Celia
Knowles, Elizabeth L.
Knowles, Geo. W.
Knowles, Isaiah
Knowles, John
Knowles, John
Knowles, Martha
Knowles, Osiah
Knowles, Taplia
Lee, Bryant
Lee, George
Lee, Jacob J.
Lee, Louis
Lee, Louis
Lee, Martha
Lee, Susan
Lee, Susan
McBrayt, Andrew
McCarty, James
McClelland, Joel
McClelland, Nancy
McCraney, Anna
McCraney, Duncan
McCraney, Elara
McKelry, John
McLeod, M.W.
McRea, Angish
McRea, Catharine
McRea, Catharine
McRea, Elizabeth
McRea, Jane
McRea, John
McRea, John
Monroe, Peter
Motes, Henry
Motes, John
Motes, Margarett
Motes, Westee
Motes, Zachariah
Munden, William
Murphy, Edward
Newton, James
Newton, Mica
Newton, Nancy J.
Newton, Sarah
Norton, Elizabeth
Norton, Elizabeth
Norton, Louisa
Norton, Maria
Norton, Maria
Norton, Martha Ann
Norton, Nathan
Norton, Nathan
Norton, William
Norton, William
Norton, William
Norton, William B.
Osteen, Bryant W.
Osteen, James
Osteen, Marianna
Osteen, William
Parish, Emanuel
Parish, Emanuel
Parish, Miss Jane
Parish, Sarah
Peed, Fanny
Peed, Jane
Peed, Jeremiah
Peed, Jeremiah
Peed, Lemuel
Peed, Maria S.
Peed, Martin
Peed, Nancy
Peterson, Elizabeth
Peterson, Gaspar
Peterson, Manda
Peterson, Nirum
Petit, James
Petit, Jane
Petit, Leticia
Petit, Margarett
Petit, Matilda
Petit, William
Pinner, Ann
Pinner, Elizabeth
Pinner, Elizabeth
Pinner, Emaline
Pinner, Emaline
Pinner, James
Pinner, James
Pinner, Maria
Pinner, Maria E.
Pinner, Sarah
Pinner, William
Pinner, William J.
Pinner, William J.
Platt, David H.
Platt, Eliss
Platt, Eliza J.
Platt, Francis
Platt, John
Platt, John W.
Platt, Joshua
Platt, Louis B.
Platt, Mary A.
Platt, Nathan C.
Platt, Nuel M.
Platt, William C.
Plevinski, C.
Plevinski, Charles
Plevinski, Hellen
Pons, B.D.
Porter, Flora C.
Porter, J.W.
Quinn, Alfred A.
Register, Charlotte
Register, Elizabeth
Register, Gilford
Register, Jane A.
Register, John
Register, John
Register, Kisa
Register, William
Reid, Mary C.
Reid, Robert R.
Reily, John
Ridaught, Daniel J.
Ridaught, Jane
Ridaught, Matthew
Ridger, Sarah A. C.
Rodgers, George W.
Rodgers, Henry S.
Rodgers, Maria E.
Rodgers, Rebecca
Rodgers, Susan C.
Rodgers, Washington
Rogero, Manuel H.
Roman, S.R.
Rossignol, Louis H.
Rossignol, Susan L.
Royals, Aaron
Royals, Ann
Royals, Ann E.
Royals, Henry
Royals, John
Royals, John
Royals, Louis
Royals, Lucinda
Royals, Maria
Royals, Susan
Sams, Cornelia
Sams, Francis W.
Sams, Francis W.
Sapp, Jane A.
Sapp, Mark
Sapp, Obadiah
Sapp, Stephen
Sibley, Anna Jane
Sibley, Charlotte
Sibley, Eliza
Sibley, Feriba
Sibley, Hester
Sibley, Lemuel
Sibley, Louis
Smith, Fleming B.
Smith, Harritta
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, John
Smith, Joseph M.
Smith, Louis
Smith, Mary
Smith, Nancy
Smith, Paula
Smith, Rebecca
Smith, Salles
Smith, Susan
Soule, Jacob
Soule, June A.
Spencer, Elizabeth
Spencer, James
Spencer, William
Stevens, Francis M.
Stevens, Kitsy
Stevens, Maria S.
Stevens, Rebecca
Stevens, W.W.
Sykes, Alfred
Sykes, Henry
Sykes, James
Sykes, Joshua
Sykes, Josiah
Sykes, Martha
Sykes, Mary Ann
Sykes, Owen
Thigpen, Feriba
Thigpen, Maria
Thigpin, Eliza
Thigpin, John L.
Thigpin, William
Thomas, Anny
Thomas, Elizabeth
Thomas, Ezekiel
Thomas, Francis
Thomas, Harris
Thomas, James
Thomas, Master
Thomas, Peggy
Tompkin, Celada
Tompkin, Martha A.
Tompkin, Mary J.
Tompkin, William
Tompkin, William
Tucker, Casia
Tucker, Eliza
Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, Elizabeth
Tucker, James
Tucker, Stephen
Tucker, Susan
Walker, Nancy
Walker, S. S.
Walker, William A.
Warren, James H.
Weightman, Andrew
Weightman, Emma
Weightman, Mary C.
Weightman, Philip
Weightman, Sarah N.
Wells, Alexander
Wells, Berrien
Wells, Enoch
Wells, Frederick
Wells, Henry
Wells, Jackson
Wells, Jacob
Wells, Martin
Wells, Sarah
Wilkerson, Amanda
Wilkerson, Asa
Wilkerson, Asa
Wilkerson, James
Wilkerson, Jane
Wilkerson, Maria
Wilkerson, Nancy
Wilkerson, William
Wilkey, Frederick
Wilkey, William
Williams, M.A.
Williamson, Rachael
Williamson, Stephen
Wilson, Elizabeth
Wilson, Martha
Wilson, Mary Ann
Wilson, Riesby
Wilson, Samuel
Yelvingston, Andrew
Yelvingston, Elizabeth
Yelvingston, Gideon
Yelvingston, Gideon
Yelvingston, Richard
Young, George
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