Mount Dora's Claim to Fame

The Movie: Honkey Tonk Freeway

August 21, 1981

The movie "Honkey Tonk Freeway" was filmed in Mount Dora.  The story line was a spoof about  a small town in Florida being bypassed by the new super highway.  The town installed an extra ramp off of the interstate and sent people through their town.  In order to attract people, they painted the town buildings all pink.  There was even one scene where an elephant on skiis was paraded around Lake Dora.  A large crowd of extras watched from shore.  The local florist shop even displayed an elephant in their front window.  Cast : William Devane, Teri Garr, Howard Hessman, Beverly D'Angelo, Beau Bridges, Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn, Geraldine Page. Written by: Edward Clinton. Director: John Schlesinger.
interesting to walk in a florist and see only hardware inside. Business must go on.
Pink building

Pink '66 Bronco reflected in the window was not part of the movie- tho maybe it should have been.
Lakeside Inn
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