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There are no biographies for the letters Q, U and X as yet.

Do you have an ancestor, or knowledge of an individual, who was a resident within Lake County at some time?

If so, you are invited to submit a short description and biography of that individual. One  photo of the subject will be accepted. An interesting anecdote to tell more of the person is encouraged.

To help you a list of suggestions is provided.  Also if you have memories of the town, suggestions for that are there also.  

At some time in the future, I hope to amass enough new biographies to do a sequel to the 1929 book.  Please submit with that in mind.  I will not put any living people submitted on these pages , but would like to include them in the new book which will not have the readership of a web site.

Thank you , Nancy Ellen Flint,  for providing  the bios from History of Lake County Florida, Wm T. Kennedy, Editor-in-chief, History of Lake County Florida Part II, Biographical. Biographical Sketches of Leading Citizens of Lake County, Florida.

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