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Many people today are confused about the "Military" Ft. Mason, and the "Commercial or Railroad Ft. Mason. They hear about the "Old Fort Mason Cemetery" and wonder why it was located so far away (about 1/4 miles northeast) from the railroad "Fort Mason". The cemetery is actually much closer to the "Military" Fort Mason location (only 0.8 miles). No records have been found of Military personnel being interred there, although I think it may actually have been established in the early days when the Fort was serving as a secure gathering place for the settlers, when the Indians were still causing unrest in the area. If any early settlers were interred there, any headstones, if used, have been lost over the ages. There are, however, some records of persons that were buried there, as evidenced by existing headstones or documentation from their descendants.
Caroline Dykes Dorothy ( undated letter ):

The cemetery is located north of Eustis.  Take 19N turn right on McKinley Rd and follow to the end.
Name Birth Death Inscription-other information
Brown, Jimmy No Data No Data X
Bryan, Cabell No Data died about 1874 X
Bryan, Henry Stevens No Data died about 1876 X
Bryan, Mary A. No Data died about 1875 X
Bryan, William J. No Data No dates given X
Crowe, Sabra J. Brown No Data No Data X- A Mrs. Sabra J. Crowe had several real estate sales in the early 1900's, the last of which was May 4, 1915. Her internment would have to be after that date.
Dowd, Mary Cordelia 76 Jul 1878 10 Nov 1880 [two persons have read the headstone differently: one statingshe was the dau. of Ben & N.A. David, while the other -the dau of Ben & M.E. Dowd.  This latter "Dowd" is correct, as confirmed by the family entry in US Census, 1880, page 384-A] On Stone:
"Gone in her young years
   Far from lifes cares"
Dykes, George 9 Oct 1811 9 Dec 1884 *(Grandfather)
Dykes, Jasper 12 Jan 1841 8 Aug 1913 *(Father)
Dykes, Sarah Ellen Robertson 24 Dec 1850 6 Sep 1883 *(Mother)
Dykes, Little Willie No dates listed No Data *(Child) Son of Elbert Duncan and Jane Kirkland Dykes
Lovell, Davies 24 Nov 1884 3 Dec 1885 Son of W.S. and M.J. Taylor
McAteer, Lena Pearl 19 Aug 1891 8 Feb 1892 another read this as: Cora Mc Ateer, dob 19 Aug 1891, dod Feb 6, 1892, this latter name is not correct. Lean Pearl McAteer was teh dau of Rober Lee & Della E.(Sproull) Mc Ateer. At the time of their marriage in 1887, Della was from Grand Island.
Roberts, Miriam No Data 27 Sep 1885 age 81 yrs
Sproull, Capt. T.K.  15 Sep 1823 11 Sep 1885 Masonic emblem on stone- He had been owner of 13 acres in S32-T18S-R26E, in the Grand Island area.
Taylor, Mary A  No Data 23 Sep 1887 age 62 yrs
Taylor, Winfield S. No Data 30 Jul 1887 37yrs, 16 days.[another read: d Jul30, 1887, eyrs 11 days. Neither date of death appears correct. W.S. Taylor is listed in the 1885 Florida Census, p-593, as a White, Male, 28yrs old, Handyman/Carpenter residing in John T. Wofford's house in Ft. Mason. Correct age should be 30 yrs, based on Census Data.]
Wofford, T.K. & A.T.  21 Jan 1882 13 Mar 1883 [ I believe this should really be for the child of the two named persons. John T. & Amelia T. owned 116 acres in S33-T18S-R26E and 8 lots in the town of Ft. Mason. They also owned property in T21S-R25E. John was listed as Gen. Mdse., Pineapple, Orange Grower, Stock Farmer, Vegetable Truck Farmer, in the Lake County Business Directory- 1886.  He was a widower as of 1903. There was a Thomas Wofford who received a Patent, in 1860, for 40 acres in S9-T18S-R26E.]
X   Names so annotated are buried within heavy iron fence enclosure and headstones/markers have been removed.
*    Names are buried in Brick Vaults in Brick enclosure.

RECORD NOTE: The above data supersedes:
        a.  Undated letter by Caroline Dykes Dorothy.
        b.  Unsigned letter of  June 18, 1982, listing headstones read.
        c.  Headstones read by Jackie Haworth, Sept. 27, 1982

This was prepared by W.P. Sime, 25 Aug. 1995.

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