Greenwood Cemetery

Eustis, Florida

Greenwood Cemetery is located on Haselton Ave.  Going east from downtown Eustis on Orange Ave., turn right as the lanes compress to a 2 lane road (Haselton Ave.)  The Cemetery is 2 blocks and covers both sides of  Haselton.  The original graves were on the east side of the street.  The west side was opened in late 1947.

For your convenience maps are provided of the sections.  There is a Sexton's office on the premises on the east side of the road on the North side of the section. The sections both show Haselton at the top.  The lettering suggested they be presented this way.

The cemetery was read originally Oct. 26, 1982 by Jackie Haworth and Sue Dygert of Eustis, Sybil and Becky Wilson of Leesburg.
Updates and photos by Fran Smith 2010.

The cemetery is a work in progress.

Original Section Map - East side of Haselton Ave.

Greenwood Cemetery- West side

The cremains section is just past the office.  Coming from Orange Ave, turn east off Haselton Ave. at the first entrance.  
Old Section
E/side of  Haselton
New Section
W/side of Haselton

Newest Section
S/side of  Orange
Cremains Section
Section A Section AA
Section B Section BB
Section C Section CC
Section D Section DD
Section E Section EE
Section F Section FF
Section G Section GG
Section H Section HH
Section I

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