Lake Co. Communities and Settlements


History of Lake County; Kennedy; 1929
Chapter XI. Communities near Umatilla
p. 91

PITTMAN, named after George T Pittman of Louisville,
Kentucky, is on the Astor road to Jacksonville.  The town was
platted by J. R. Money, of Louisville, and was divided into
lots ranging from 72X150 feet to those as large as five acres.
George T. Pittman, J. W. Treadway and J. Murray Thomas
furnised the land for the town.

The first store and hotel were both built
in 1883 by J. Murray Thomas and were sold to
J. R. Money.  In 1890 a bank was organized
under the name of the Bank of
Pittman.  Thomas, Robinson & Company.
At this time, Robinson & Company started
a newspaper called the Pittman Argus.

Upon the completion of the railroad, the depot was built by the
people and given to the railroad owners.  It was so well constructed
that it is still used as the station by the A. C. L. Railroad.

A schoolhouse was built about this time and sixty-three pupils
were enrolled.

Then came the Big Freeze and ruined the groves, and people abandoned
their property and moved to other sections.  The bank was
forced to close, the hotel was sold and is today the residence
of E. L. Parker, and the progress of the flourishing town of
Pittman was checked.

Chapter 1.  Early Pioneers and Settlements.
p. 16
RAVENWOOD was developed  alongside
Pittman in the early days- Ravenwood was
laid out by Major John S.
Banks, of Scotland, and was named
for his home in the Auld Country.  It had a
hotel, hardware store, dry goods store, a grocery,
and a drug store, and seemed to be well-established when it was
practically entirely destroyed by a fire in 1888, and "the place
thereof shall know it no more".

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Lake County Communities and Settlements

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