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8 December 2005


I am currently trying to find the family of Markwood Charles Boyer who was a fighter pilot in WWII.

In the summer a Republic P47 ‘Thunderbolt’ was recovered from a lake where it had crash landed in 1945. It belonged to the 511th Fighter Squadron, 405th Fighter Group of the 9th Air Force.

I am currently undertaking research for the American owner. The aircraft is now in California.

Markwood C Boyer flew the aircraft it on a number of occasions and I would like to locate the family.

I am hoping he is buried in Lake County, Florida.

Date: 24 November 2005
Name: Victor Silvestri


I found my note in Sumter County sheriff files and it was a note on a bulletin board on the Internet from one Candi Rowe Giddens . . . I wish she would get in touch with me or you if she has anything on Sheriff Ward . . . I am editor of Encyclopedia of Florida Sheriffs (genealogies) . . . All that I have on Sheriff William J. Ward is that he was elected on Nov. 16, 1863 and commissioned on Dec. 23, 1863 (Re: Vol. M, Page 33 of the Florida commission records). Any information would be helpful.  Thanks,  Victor

Date: 27 September 2005
Name: Mark Riggs


I'm looking for a Freeman Family connection.
I understand the family ran either a hotel or boarding house in the Clermont area in the 1950's through at least the mid 60's.

Thanks for the help,  Mark Riggs

Contact Info:
Mark Riggs
4597 Whitehall Ln
Highlands Ranch, CO 80126

Date: 21 September 2005
Name:  Rosemary Wofford


My husbands grandparents lived in Cassia , Lake County in the late 1800's and early 1900's. His grandfather William Benton Wofford died in 1909 and was buried in the Cassia cemetery. His grandmother Lucretia Beasley Wofford was alive in 1910 but could not find her on the 1920 census. I myself am unable to access census reports, so rely on others who are generous enough to help me ,. I would like to find out if the cemetery in Cassia still exists. I was told by a relative , when she visited it,  homes were built so close and she thought maybe they would build over the graves... Is this probable??  back to Lucretia... .They raised thier family in Cassia and  I have reason to believe she was buried there also. ...My husbands father Roy E. Wofford was born in Cassia, Feb. 22 1890...
Any information on this family will be deeply appreciated.
Thank you,
Rosemary Wofford

Date: 18 September 2005

Looking for info. on Roy Alfred Lipps Sumter Co.died in 1960
Also info. on Minor Edith Moody/Hicks Died in 1960's and any info. on native Hicks form north Florida that moved to Leesburg Fl.

Date: 8 September 2005
Sheri Hipp


I am desperate to find information on my great grandmother Maggie Hodges, (Maiden name Rhines or Rynes or Rines).  My grandmother is sick with alzhiemers and I am no longer able to get any information from her.  All I know is that they were living in Eustis around 1940.  From what I know Maggie was struck by a car and killed in or around 1940 when my grandmother was 15.  Maggie was married to Joseph Hodges who died in 1970 and sadly I do not know their other childrens names, just my grandma who is Wynona R. Hodges and she married Walter Lee Hipp. 
If anyone knows anything or can point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it. 

Thank you ,
Sheri Hipp

Date: 2 September 2005
Name: Angel Holley


I  am doing reseach on my family in Florida.  Oscar William Jefferson and Laura Jefferson of Pensacola Fl.  Libbious Kendrick Jefferson of Pensacola also lived in Eusts.  His first wife was Dora Jefferson and his second wife was Maxine E. Duckworth-Jefferson, with whom he had three daughters (Pearl Wynona, Violet Ida Belle, and Lonie Lillian Jefferson.  Libbious died in 1928 in Eustis.  Angel Holley

Date: July 24 2005
Name: Crabman


I am looking  for information on an abondoned cemetery on 445 off Hwy 19.  It is said to be in the town of Kismet.  the Duke Alexander, for whom the nearby Alexander Springs is named for is buried there.  Any information helpful.

Date: 21 July  2005
John Burnett


I am researching the family of William Garrett Long who died in Tavares, Lake Co., Fl on Jun 5, 1923.  Also for J.oseph Haddock Long who died in Tavares March 12, 1938 and was married to Fannie Walker Long.
Thank you ,
John Burnett

Date: 19 July 2005
Name: Nora (Richey) Smith


Looking for any additional information RE the following people:

I recently received an obit for William Herbert RICHEY published in The Leesburg, Leesburg, Florida Vol 62 - Number 51 dated December 23, 1938. He [
William Herbert Richey . . . aka Herbert Richey . . . aka "Uncle Hub"
] was crossing Main Street on "Monday afternoon" [which would have been the 19th] and was fatally struck by a car and killed. Apparently he was a very prominent man in Lake County, FL because he has very lengthy and glowing write-ups in the edition of this paper. In the main article it states that he was born April 29, 1862 in Lowndes County, MS and lived there until moving to Florida in 1884. At the time of his death he had survived his wife - - Ms. Leeuna Stuart (before their marriage in Leesburg) - -by several years. It further states that fourteen children were born to them and eleven (in 1938) were still living:

Misses Belle and Josephine, Mrs. Perle Haines, Robert, Edwin and W. H. Jr. all of Leesburg; Mrs. Lucy McQuaig of Montverde; Mrs. Alice Whitcombe of Lake Jem; Mrs. Myrtle Suddath of Okahumpka; Mrs. Ruth Roberts of Jacksonville; and Mrs. Mary Carter of Montverde.

Thank you,
Nora (Richey) Smith

Date:18 July 2005
Name: Terry Patterson


I am trying to locate information on my great grandmother & great grandfather who lived in Sorrento in early 1900's They also owned a small concession store back in the 1900's Maggie Watson-Jackson b: 1886 died: around 1916 - possibly in Edgewood Cemetery (Britt Road)?????? Married to Willard Jackson (possibly from Deland FL) 4 of their 6 children were born there in early 1900's in Sorrento
Hazel Jackson - born: 1915
Walter Jackson
Ruby Jackson
Ronie Jackson born: Nov: 1910

Can you help me find any information on Maggie Jackson.

Date: 6 July 2005
Name: Sharon Rice Honea


Looking for information on Ernest W. Prince and Pearl Pauline Rector Prince who lived in Eustis area.  Pauline was my great aunt but I never knew her.  All the information I have is that Pauline was born in 1880 and died in Eustis in 1955. Don't have any information on uncle Ernest.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you, Sharon Rice Honea

Date: 5 July 2005
Name: Chris Couch


I believe that my great-grandfather Myrix Josiah Crouch and great-grandmother Ray Cross lived in Tavares, Fl sometime after 1923 and for an extended period of time because my gradfather Myrix (M.J.) Crouch graduated from the local high school in Tavares, but I'm not exactly sure about dates for that.  What I'm trying to figure out is about how long they were there, what they did, where they lived, and correspondences he may have had, and just basic kinds of things.  I guess I'm looking for a little bit more than the average genealogical information. 
Thank you.  Chris Couch.

Date: 19 June 2005
Name: M. A. Jones


I am searching for information about Mildred White, a life long friend who was a "Realtor in Leesburg, Fl".
Thanks, M. A. McxIrvin Jones

Date: 10 June 2005
Name:  Tammy Wingett


I am looking for any information on VIRGINIA ROEBUCK LEWIS HALL  She ran a store and boarding house in the Whitney area of Lake County.  She was born in 1886.  Her father was Oscar and Mother was Julia.  She married JIM LEWIS who died about 1906.  I have her listings in the 1900,10,20,& 30 censuses but nothing further.  JIM LEWIS is buried in Wildwood (Sumter Co.) but have no other information.
Date: 20 May 2005
Susie Morris


My great great grandfather was William Allen Lovell.  HE married Narcissus Wofford.  The family story says he started one of the first schools in Orange county.  Anyway his son William Cooper Lovell ended up in Lake county.  Then his son Fredrick William Lovell finally left Florida (Lake coounty in the 1940's.  Any information on this family will be appreciated.
Thank you ,
Susie Morris

Date: 11 May 2005
Name:Keith C


 I am  searching for my wife's Aunt.  She was living in Astatula, Florida area, when she died.  She was married to a John Knight.  He was sick a good while before he died.  She was born Rachel Perry, White Female, in Bailey, NC.  She had a brother named Bobby Lee Perry, who was born in 1937, and she was born we think on March 22, 1935, and when she left Bailey, NC, she married a Hobbs before she married John Knight, and had children by the Hobbs man.  I think she died in 1999.  My wife's parents and almost 98% of her relatives have passed on, before she had the chance to ask about her Aunt Rachel. We don't know when she moved to Florida.  So any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.  I am in the midst of doing a family genealogy on my wife's folks..
 Again, Thanks for any help. Keith C. Retired deputy

Date: 6 April 2005


I'm looking for family that may be buried in Umatilla.  The famioy name is Summersill.  This goes back to the 1800's.  Thank You

Date: 6 April 2005
Name: Ken Davis


Need information on the Descendants of George Sanford Davis, 1887-1960, and Mabel Turner, 1892-1977. Particularly interested in finding the children of their son, George Sanford Davis, Jr who died March 25, 1967 in Escambia County Florida. They are R Stephen Davis and G Bryan Davis. Thank You.

Date: 22 March  2005
Name: June Davidson


After my mother's death I discovered she had a daughter in 1929-30 by the name of Coleen Olering. The father was Fred Olering and the mother Mattie "Lillian" Nason.  Coleen died close to Deland, Fl p[rob 1930/31 but no death certificate was available throught the state.  I am not sure of the correct spelling of the last name.  Mattie's father, George Nason., lived nearby.  Any info would be wonderful.
Thanks, June Davidson.

Date:5 March 2005
Name: Judy


A Hi My name is Judy Roberts I'm looking for my cousins that were adopted out in the late 70's I think in Lake County Florida. Their names were Lisa and Hoyce and  Carl Croney.  Their birth parents were Call and Estell Croney.  Their mother's maidin name was Sizemore.  If anyone can please help me e-mail at ( Please help me   Judy Roberts

Date:3 March 2005
Name: Gail



Date:8 February 2005
Name:Terry Nobles


I am looking for  information on Mary A. and/or Ambrose Balkcom.  Mary's death cedrtiicate says burial place is Mt. Dora, Fl. Her death occurred April 6, 1944. Ambrose died Jan 22, 1942.

Terry Nobles

Date: 28 January 2005
Name: Artibee

ELLIS Garment Company

looking for any information on Ellis Garment Company. Also, Herbert Ellis who used to either own or manage the company. Another surname associated with Herbert Ellis is Polasknee (not sure of spelling, but that is what it sounds like). In the late 60's early 1970 Herbert Ellis supposedly rented a home in the Treasure Island area.
Hazel Jackson - born: 1915
Walter Jackson
Ruby Jackson
Ronie Jackson born: Nov: 1910

Can you help me find any information on Maggie Jackson.

Date:27 January 2005


I am looking for factural history of the three schools in Lake County.  I am in the process of writing an authentic history of the high schools in Florida that served black students prior to integration in the late 1960s and early 1970s.  I am looking for any historical information that is available, including, but not limited to :
the principals of the schools and years of service
the names of some of the teachers at the school and their disciplines
outstanding graduates and what they are doing now
a photo or description of the school as it existed then
when was the school established (year) and location
Information on required and electives offered
Information on extracurricular activities.  What clubs or special programs were offered, i.e., May Day, Chapel, etc.
what is the current status of the building that housed the school?

Date:13 January 2005
Lisa Hayashi


I am researching  my great-great grandparents, George W. Jennings and Sarah L. (Cook) Jennings.  I obtained the death certificate for Sarah
Jennings, and it indicates that she passed away in Eustis in 1936 and was buried in Mt. Dora.  George Jennings apparently died circa 1930-1936, probably also in the Mt. Dora area.  Thank you so much for any assistance you could provide.  Thanks, Lisa

Date:12 January 2005
Pat Stacy


I am trying to locate my Great Aunt, .Ada Stacy Bartlett, her husband, William F. Bartlett and their daughter, Frances Delilah Bartlett. Ada Stacy was born Feb 18, 1880 in Williamstown, Oswego Co, NY. William F Bartlett was born March 11, 1877, also in Williamstown, NY. They were married in Williamstown Sept 27, 1904. Frances was born July 4, 1908 (I think). According to the 1920 census, they lived in St. Cloud, Fla. In the 1930 census, Ada and William were living in Mt. Dora and William was Forman of an ice plant. Frances is not listed. Since she would have been about 22, I assume she is married.
Can anyone help me with any of these people?
Thank you.
Pat Stacy

Date:3 January 2005
Janice Matthews


I am  looking for a newspaper article on the fire which destroyed the Matteson & Matteson Lumber yard in Eustis, Florida around 1935.  Frederick Matteson was my grandfather..
Thanks, Janice Matthews

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