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Lake County researchers are fortunate to have volunteers who try to assist you with finding the information you are requesting. The answers are not always available but we do help in anyway possible. We welcome your queries and hope you have success in your search in Lake Co.

Date:22 December 2000
Name: Bob Mims

I have been trying to find any information on my grandfather, JeffersonMims. Jefferson was married to Nellie May Hull. Date of marriage unknown. Jefferson died in 1924, City unknown, Nellie died June 1947 in Orlando. Also any information on Nellie May. They had 5 Children. Lamar Colby Mims, my father. Born 3/27/1897, Died 11/15/67 Parma, Ohio. Richard Roy Mims, born ????,1911 died Sept 1953, I think in Fort Pierce, Fl. Ruth Mims, Born ???? 1903, died ???? 1940. Unknown city. Kenneth Clayton Mims, Lived in Del Ray Beach. Birth and death years unkown. Passed away at 53 years of age. Mary Isla Mims, Born ?????, 1899, passed away 4/67 age 68. Lived in Orlando, Fl. Mary Isla married a Poeth, date unknown. I beleive she was a registered nurse. Any information would be helpful in tracing family tree. Thanks, Bobmims@ameritech.net 1-440-845-6338

Date:19 December 2000
Name: Kathy Huntsman

Searching for death dates of Frank James Sherer and wife, Ruby Mae Jones Sherer who died in Lake Co.,FL. Frank James Sherer was born Jan. 31,1912 and wife, Ruby Mae was born March 14,1918. They married March 14,1942 in New York City,N.Y. Frank James was retired from the navy and he and Ruby Mae did not have any children. Would like to know where they are buried also. Appreciate any help with the info I'm searching for.

Date:1 December 2000
Name: Crckrsuze

Looking for any information on Daniel Sloan. Settled in area of Lake County approx. 1840. Supposedly had a corn named after him. Was a farmer and preacher. Fought in the 2nd Seminole war and was 1st Lt. in the War of Northern Aggression in the Florida Special Calvary. Married to Nancy Lanier. Nancy was a midwife and healer. Was my great, great, great, grandfather. Son Orvil settled in Polk County, married Sarah M. Frier. Died in Polk County. I believe Daniel and Nancy are both buried in Lake County. Any and all information will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Date:1 December 2000
Name: Susie Carey

Looking for any info on W.A. LOVELL or his son W.C. LOVELL who lived in Lake county and Orange County during the civil war. W.C. Lovell had a son, Fredrick William Lovell who moved the family to California in the 1940's.

Date:28 November 2000
Name: Ronda

I am searching for Lawton Sirmans obituary. He died there in Leesburg. He died July 2,1997,and was born July 24,1913. If it helps, I know the zip code was 34788. It would be of great help! ........Thanks.....Ronda

Date:20 November 2000
Name: Toni Thompson-Jaworski

I am attempting to locate information on my great-grandfather Fitch Herbert (sometimes called "Herbert," "Herb," and "Fitz") Staffinger. He moved to the Mt. Dora area with his son in law Harry Frank Thompson. From what I have been told (which I take lightly until I can prove) is that Fitch died on Jan 24, 1949 in Mt. Dora. Finding even this small amount of information has been very difficult and I hope to keep going. If there is anyone who may have access to information that may help me I would very much appreciate it. Thank you so much in advance. Toni Thompson-Jaworski

Date:15 Nov 2000
Name: Peggy McSwain

LEE,ROBERT C., is said to have been from Leesburg Fl. -There is a story that Robert was to have caused the death of a man in some manner-would like to know if this story is true-The date is the late 1800's or the early 1900's-said to have been a group of viglanties that burned his home and chased him out of town -so to speak- he was b.1875 and d.1921-he was a young man at the time of this event-I need to know if anyone has any info on such a story-I can not find any reference to this in any writtings- THANK YOU -PEGGY

Date:5 Nov 2000
Name: Pennie Martin

Seeking information about the family of Rev. David Thomas JOHNSON (b. 1872, Union, SC - d. 1942, Eustis, FL), rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Eustis, FL, from 1926 - 1941. He was married to Lulu RYALL and Catherine Badger MCPHERSON (of NC), but it is not known in what order. His children included David JOHNSON (b. 10 SEP 1897, Spartanburg, SC) who married Frances KEMP of TX; Catherine B. JOHNSON; and Elizabeth J. JOHNSON. In the 1920s, David (son of Lulu RYALL) and his father founded Paradise Fernery Company on seven acres north of Minneola, FL, on Lake Shepherd. Additionally, the son David was State Agent and County Distributor for Protein Bottled Gas, served as a First Sergeant of the 113th Field Artillery of the 30th Division, saw four months on the war front in France, studied law at the University of Texas, and was a member of Delta Theta Phi college fraternity. SOURCE: Kennedy, Prof. William T. History of Lake County, Florida. Tavares, FL: Lake County Historical Society, 1929. Information about this family and any other descendants of South Carolina governor David JOHNSON (1782-1855) would be appreciated.

Date:5 November 2000
Name: Louie Ivey

I am looking for information on Stewart P. Ivey in the Leesburg area. He had two children by the names of Mrs. Emma Byrd and Judge T. J. Ivey also lived in Leesburg. http://www.send4fun.com/undersea/1.htm

Date:31 October 2000
Name: Joanie

I am looking for death record of Louis Perry Witt Jr. US Army ret. Helived in Mt. Dora and his children havent heard from him in quite a while. We would like to know if he has passed. Thank you. Joan C. Witt Weatherspoon

Date:9 October 2000
Name: Fay Hubbard

I am trying to obtain information about the Ennis family that lived in Groveland, Florida, 1940-1965. I am particularly interest in the family of Ann Laura Ennis, born 1944, in Groveland, Florida. Any help would be appreciated.

Date:4 October 2000
Name: Tom Welch

I am searching for information regarding one of my ancestors, Harriet Jane Owens Heyns. I believe she is the Mrs. Heyns (Heynes) buried at the Seneca Cemetery in Lake County, Florida. She moved to the Eustis, Grand Island area of Lake County with her husband and family (from South Carolina) around 1900. They settled along what is now Highway 44-A and we are not sure whether or not their home was along the road a few miles east or west of Highway 19. She was killed by a runaway horse and buggy and we believe it happened sometime between 1910 and 1920. The family knows she was buried in Lake County in the Eustis area. Her husband eventually followed the remainder of the family to Pompano Beach in Broward County, Florida. He died and is buried in the Pompano Beach cemetery. Therefore she could be buried by herself. Last weeked I visited the Seneca Cemetery with my parents and we found Mrs. Heynes' grave. Do you have any ideas how we could go about researching the grave to determine if in fact she is our grandmother? I am in the process of researching to write a family book and would appreciate any assistance or ideas you may have. Where are the cemetery records kept at the county level? What newspaper publication was in operation in the early 1900s? Thank you in advance for your help. *NOTE: This email address is incorrect, please send corrected address.

Date:1 October 2000
Name: Nancy Tyson Bichard

My great grandfather, James Calvin (Tison) Tyson, was born in Eustis on 03/06/1861 according to my father. His parents John Tyson b:1825 and Mariah. I would appreciate any information you might be able to find. Thank you in advance,

Date:22 September 2000
Name: Marshall Douglas

I'm looking for information on William Henry Douglas who was born in Lake County in 1865. Any type of records you could obtain would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to acquire the names and origins of his parents.Thank You.

Date:21 September 2000
Name: David Watson

Seeking information on the following Watson men:
All of these men appeared on the 1917-1918 draft registration rolls for LakeCounty, Fl. I am trying to determine family lines. I need their father’snames, the father’s place of birth, birth and death dates. It would be of great value to determine when their families arrived in Lake County and from where. Please respond with any information to my e-mail address. THANKS, David B. Watson

Date:10 September 2000
Name: Jwalmiller

Addie & Fred HARDEE
I am seeking information on dates of death and burial sites of my cousin Addie (Miller) Hardee and her husband Fred HARDEE. They were alive in January 1950, living in Tavares FL. Because of their age and health, I am assuming that they passed away before 1960. They moved to Tavares from South New Berlin, Chenango County NY. Any information or leads appreciated. John

Date:7 September 2000
Name: Don Wilt

BARR, Susan (Thompkins), Recently found sources places Susan Barr in Eustis, Lake County, Florida. A letter dated 29 Sept 1895 states "Our step mother is dead they say She died in Florida about 2 years ago." Another source gives Eustis, Orange County, Florida. (At one time Eustis was in Orange CO and is now in Lake CO.) The 1887 Orange County Gazetteer & Directory places Susan Barr at Citrus Ave, nr Mary - in the town of Eustis. Living at the same address is Lorenzo W. Tompkins, Carpenter. Can anyone help with a death date and a location of burial? From the letter it may be assumed that Susan Barr died about 1893. Please E-mail replies to Don Wilt edonwilt@aol.com

Date:4 September 2000
Name: Ljsljss

My search of the SSDI reveals that a VIRGINIA MALONEY died in Lake Co., FL, residing in Mt. Dora, on 2/5/1997. In my research of STEVENS descendants, I have found that Virginia Lee Stevens married a Maloney (date unknown). According to information obtained she lived in Middlesex Co., MA, at least in the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. Her parents were Joseph and Ellen Stevens. She was born in Elkins, Randolph Co., WV. I would be most appreciative if anyone has any information as this Virginia Maloney, if she has any descendants still living, what paper would her obituary have appeared in, etc.

Date:31 August 2000
Name: Linda Balsavage

This was my first visit to the Lake County website, and I was interested in Mt. Dora because my grandaughter's paternal family came from there. I was surprised to find the names of James and Dora Drawdy. I have them in my database. Is anyone interested in their family lines or her maiden name. If any one is interested, let me hear from you. L. T. Balsavage St. Johns County, FL

Date:30 August 2000
Name: TW0215

Hi. I am searching for information regarding the following family members. Elizabeth S. Heyns, born 10-16-1912 in Tavares, Florida. Her parents, William Henry Heyns and Elnora Matilda Petsch, both originally from South Carolina and who moved to the Grand Island, Eustis, Tavares area around 1900. William Henry's parents who were James Sparkman Heyns and Harriet Jane Owen (or Owens) Heyns. Both of them moved with William and Elnora to Lake County around 1900. Supposedly some of Harriet Jane Owen's family had already settled in Lake County prior to 1900 and they were joining them there. The only other item I am aware of is that Harriet Jane died shortly after their move to Lake County. She was killed in a horse and buggy accident that took place in either Eustis or Tavares. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Date:14 August 2000
Name: Mary

CUSTER: I am searching for information on my great-grandfather, Horace Custer. He was born in DesMoines, IA on 19 Aug. 1868, married Queen Hawkins and moved to Florida. My grandfather, Bethel Moore Custer was born in Lake County, FL so I am assuming that this is where he might have died. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you,Mary

Date:13 August 2000
Name: landj

Looking for information on William J. Howey, b. January 19, 1876 in Odin, Illinois and d. June 7, 1938 in Umatilla, FL. He is buried on the estate of the Howey mansion in Howey Of The Hills, FL. He was married to Mary Grace Hastings who died on December 18, 1981 at the Howey mansion in Howey In The Hills, FL. William J. Howey's parents were Reverend William Howey and Matilda Howey. The Reverend William Howey was a circuit rider preacher of the United Brethern faith. My mother is Catherine Elizabeth Howey b. 1917 and is the last of her Howey line. We are just searching to see what and where he fits into the Howey name. We know that William J. Howey was active and Howey in the Hills, FL was named after him. Also that he opened the Howey Automobile Company in Kansas City in 1903. We hadHoweys in Kansas City area and Kansas at that time. We have visited Howey in the Hill estate and town several times in the last few years. We have talked at the gate with the niece and take pictures. We are getting ready to send a panoramic picture taken in June to the estate address. We need to contact the Howey historian about visiting some time at the burial site of William on the estate.

Date:29 July 2000
Name: John E. Davis

I am seeking any information about George F. BASSETT and his wife Lettice BASSETT who lived in Lady Lake, Lake Co., FL in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Please contact me directly at davisje@erols.com if you have any information. I am specifically interested in dates of death, land records and obituaries. Thank you.

Date:29 July 2000
Name: Mike Lawson

I am searching for information on Shiree Otzwirk,maiden name as of 1963. Parents are Charles[D.Nov. 1982],Evelyn[ D.April 1996]Otzwirk. Last known address was Tavares.

Date:21 July 2000
Name: Peggy Mcswain

I am looking for a Sally Allen/ Heathcoe, she is known to be from Spring Lake, she passed away in 1957 at the age of 74, she was survived by her daughter Mrs.Harry Fillman, she had one other daughter Anna Mae Heathcoe,possibly married to a Bass, she has also passed away.Trying to find where she was buried and full name at her death(Anna Mae's death)Anna Mae died before 1946,Her father was William Lee Heathcoe.Sally also had a son named Theodore J.Allen. A 1920 census shows them in Hillsborough Co. and Anna Mae was 3. at this time Sally also had a son named Allen Kelly,could be Kelly Allen.

Date:18 July 2000
Name: Denver Blair

I am looking for any information I can find on my great grandfather, Levings C. Robinson. My father tells my that he died in Florida either in Mount Dora or Eustis and was buried there. I have had no success locating him in the Social Security Index or through online cemetery records. I believe his middle name may have been Clay after his father. I am trying to find out his birth and death dates and place of death. Also, am would like to find information on his wife Nettie Belle (Gore) Robinson. Any information anyone could give me would be greatly appreciated.

Date:12 July 2000
Name: Mike Looney

Looking for Maria C. Santo's gravesite. b 1857, Portugal, d. 9/14/1915, bur. 9/15/1915. She was married to Joseph E. Santo (1970-1944). They lived in Eustis from 1911-abt1929. Mary died of TB complications and may have been buried in a "Potter's", "paupers" or group grave due to disease or lack of money. I have listed on the death cert that "A. M. DeWitt" was the undertaker. There is no obituary found at this time. Any help would be appreciated as I have searched for her name on cemetery lists on the web with no luck and contacted the Eustis library for any obituary or information.

Date:9 July 2000
Name: Victor Murray

I am trying to locate information concerning the relatives of a close friend of mind. She says her grandfather and grandmother were Talbert and Alice Mauldin. The only Talbert Mauldin I located in the Social Security Death Index was born May 1, 1914, just two years before her father, Howard C. Mauldin was born, June 26, 1912. I would imagine that the Talbert from Monteverde, Lake, Florida was her father's brother, and there may have been a Talber Mauldin, Sr., her grandfather. I would appreciate any information about Talbert Mauldin from Lake, Florida. He died January 27, 1994 according to the Social Security records. We are planning to get a copy of his Social Security application to learn who his parents were, but are anxious to find out more than that about him.

Date:21 June 2000
Name: Larry & Marg Lamb

My name is Larry Lamb and my earliest ancestor from Lake Co., FL is my grandfather, Lawrence Dumas LAMB; and my grandmother, Abbie Rena WILSON. a.. Lawrence Dumas LAMB. Born 22 Sep 1857 in Marion Co., SC. Died 17 May 1934 in Leesburg, FL. Occupation Farmer. Religion Baptist. He married Abbie Rena WILSON, daughter of John D. WILSON & Rebecca CURRY, 16 Jan 1889 in Lake Co., FL. Born 17 Jan 1874 in Tuscanooga Island, FL. Died 9 May 1944 in Leesburg, FL. Buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Webster, FL. Occupation Domestic. Religion Baptist. They had the following children: a.. Wylie Thurman LAMB. Born 20 Aug 1892 in Lake Co., FL. Died 17 Oct 1950 in Paducah, KY. Occupation Barber. He married Susie Estele Richardson, 23 Feb 1920 in Paducah, KY. Born 21 Aug 1897 in Grays Co., KY. Died 21 Oct 1987 in Paducah, KY. b.. William "Willie" Howell LAMB. Born 23 Oct 1894 in Sumter Co.. Died in 1953. Buried in Garden of Memories Cemetery in Webster, FL. c.. John Boykin LAMB. Born 31 Jul 1896 in Washington Co., AL. Died Apr 1968 in Leesburg, FL. Occupation Lineman. Married Wynelle McDonald. Born 5 Jun 1910. Died 10 Sep 1988 in Leesburg. d.. Sally Princess LAMB. Born 7 Nov 1898 in Washington Co., AL. Died 3 Nov 1987 in Jacksonville, FL. Married Prince A. Spaulding. Born 28 May 1889. Died May 1980 in Jacksonville, FL. e.. Annie Rebecca LAMB. Born 30 Nov 1903 in Polk Co., GA. Died 7 Jun 1976 in Leesburg, FL. Married Albert J. Farner. f.. Maude Getzen LAMB. Born 10 Aug 1905 in Sumter Co., FL. Died Jan 1981. Married H. Clark Yongue. g.. George Stokes LAMB. Born 12 Dec 1907 in Sumter Co., FL. Died 7 Dec 1941 in Pearl Harbor, Honolulu, HI. Married Almeda Marie Hill. Born 6 Dec 1917 in Huron, SD. Died 17 June 1985 in Bellflower, CA. h.. Sadie Pearl LAMB. Born 2 Nov 1909 in Sumter Co., FL. Died 6 Apr 1939. Married Mr. Dickerson. i.. Robert Lee LAMB. Born 4 Jan 1912 in Sumter Co., FL. Died 1 Dec 1986 in St. Petersburg, FL. Married Mary Elizabeth Stevenson, 30 Aug 1941 in Lake Wales, FL. Born 3 Nov 1917 in Pulaski, TN. 1.. William B. LAMB. Born Jun 1865 in Marion Co., SC. Died 8 Oct 1936 in Lake Co., FL. He married Rebecca CURRY, 16 Jan 1889 in Lake Co., FL. Born Jun 1858. They had the following children: a.. Lula LAMB. Born Dec 1889. b.. Bertie LAMB. Born Dec 1889. I would love to hear from anyone who has any info to share on these family. Larry Lamb St. Petersburg, FL

Date:18 June 2000
Name: Sheila McMichael

Searching for info on Ben and Jennie Patterson. Moved from Va. in 1884. Bought property in Minneola, Fl. in 1889. His brother William lived close by. Wm built a train spur at Stokes Lake for the old TavaresApopka railroad. Ben and Jennie's sons lived there also Stephen and Alex. Alex's children were Earl and Bill Patterson. This family still lives there. Thanks for any info

Date:13 June 2000
Name: Terri

I am trying to find any descendents of Edna Mae Wyandt Warring, who died in Lake County in March, 1998. She was born in Chicago in 1907. Her husband was possibly Ralph.

Date:3 June 2000
Name: Karen

I am looking for any information about Adam Marsh, died May 14,1973 in Lake County' Leesburg General Hospital. He was a merchant of second hand goods in Sumter County on S.R. 44 at the Lake Co. line. He was formerly from Ohio, divorced and had 3 children by his ex-wife Mary Edna Morris Marsh. His death certificate names a Mrs. Fern E. Holloway as the informant. I am looking to find the local newspaper which would have printed the obituary probably in Lake County of that year.

Date:30 May 2000
Name: Karen

I'm looking for information on Abner Peter Rowe, Jr. or Sr.. Sr. owned store in Groveland, I think. Jr. was born there. I've seen a newspaper clipping of Jr.'s return from WWII. Town held a parade and half-day holiday. I'm up against a brick wall. Thanks for any help. krowe@bju.edu

Date:30 May 2000
Name: Garyplus5

Looking for information on these Lake Countians who lived in Groveland-Mascotte-Bay Lake area in the late 1950s: Norma Jean Padgett, James Shepherd, Delia Irvin. Any information you can provide about these people, or their relatives, would be appreciated. Thank you.

Date:8 May 2000
Name: Margaret Davis

I am searching for my GG Greatfather,Issac Monroe Sellers. He died in Lake Co. Aug.1888. He died of Black Tongue . His wife and children were in Ala. and not with him. He lived in a mining area in Tuscaloosa Co. I am wondering if he was in Fla. for his health. And that he died of Black Lung . He is buried some place in that county. Help if you can. Thank you .Margaret M. Davis

Date:21 April 2000
Name: Zenith Tabor

Am looking for descendants of Leonard, Charlie and Archie Driver who migrated to Mascotte, Florida (Lake Co) about the 1950's. Leonard had a daughter, Emma Jane married to John Caudill. She had two sons, one which was named Robert. Any information about this family would be appreicated.

Date:16 April 2000
Name: Ray Revette

Hugh Edgar MINCEY Searching for parents and siblings of Hugh Edgar MINCEY b. late 1800s, died 23 Jan 1906, Married on 23 Dec 1904 to Susan Idella NEWTON b. 6 Mar 1887. They had two children [1] Fannie Virginia b. 24 Aug 1903, [2] Isaac Edgar b. 23 Aug 1906. They lived in Astatula, Lake Co., FL.

Date:16 April 2000
Name: Ray Revette

Edward Jasper NEWTON Searching for information on parents and siblings of Edward Jasper NEWTON b. 8 Apr 1865. He had a twin sister named Mary Elizabeth that married James BENTON. His father was David from Conway, Horry Co., SC. Edward married 2 Mar 1884 to Susan Rebecca SELLERS b. 11 Oct 1871. They lived in Astatula, Lake Co., FL and raised 11 children.

Date:16 April 2000
Name: Ray Revette

Michael Marion SELLERS Searching for information on Michael Marion SELLERS b. 4 Jan 1843, m. Louisa Ernestine REAVES GORDON b. 13 Feb 1846, m. Feb 1869. They lived in Astatula, Lake Co., FL where they are now buried. Their children were [1] Susan Rebecca b. 11 Oct 1871, [2] Sara Francis b. 4 Jun 1873, [3] Emma Jane b. 1884.

Date:16 April 2000
Name: Ray Revette

REAVES, John James Looking for information on the parents and children of John James REAVES born 6 Feb 1817 in SC married (3 Jun 1840 in Horry Co., SC at Dogwood Neck) to Frances H EDGE born 26 Apr 1818. The one child I have is Louisa Ernestine (Valentine) born 12 Feb 1847, Horry Co., SC. All of the above mentioned lived and died in Lake Co., Astatula, FL.

Date:13 April 2000
Name: Donald Guthrie

SUMMERALL, Elhanna born 24 Jun 1866 in Hillsborough Co., FL married to Rebecca Ann JOHNSTON born 8 Oct 1848 in Marion Co., FL. Looking for information on this family with two children, one Joseph Andrew born 6 Aug 1866 in FL. These folk lived and died in Lake Co., Astatula, FL

Date:13 April 2000
Name: Donald Guthrie

I am looking for the Marriage documents of Rebecca Howard to Henry Guthrie. Rebecca was born in Okahumpka abt. 1855 and Married Henry Guthrie abt.1872. I would love to locate a document giving her parents names also. Thanks,Donald Guthrie

Date:18 March 2000
Name: Karen Clinton

I am researching the family of Frank WOODRUFF b. 1893 NJ m. Frances d. 1967 Tavares, Lake Co., FL. He was the son of James Harvey WOODRUFF & Sophia BETTINGER of NJ. Please e-mail me for more family information. Karen Clinton

Date:18 March 2000
Name: Warren Smith

Researching the Alexander Tobias Smith family and his descendants who moved from SC to Lake (then Sumter/Orange) County in 1859. Sons included Warren Augustus, Kennerly Dekalb, Henry Thomas, Edwin Levi, Wesley William and Fletcher Cullen Smith. Daughters who also came were Harriet Balsa Smith (Blake) and Georgianna Smith (Wilson).

Date:14 March 2000
Name: Brown/Wilson Family

I'm trying to find an obiturary for Jean Milline whose last residence was Leesburg, Lake Co, Fl. She was born 12 Dec 1943 and died 20 Oct 1999. My great grandmother was Josephine Milline from New York. Since Jean Milline obtained her social security number from New York she may have been a great niece of my great grandmother. I would really appreciate some help on this. Thank you in advance Laura Brown

Date:26 February 2000
Name: J Collier

I am looking for my grandmother who I haven't been in contact with for approximately 17 years. Her name is Grace Dempsey, and she lived in Lake County for years. Her daughter Patricia had me when she was 18, and she married into the Stegall family. I know where she lived in Lake County last, but not the exact address. It was in the trailer park on 441 going out towards the Lake Square Mall. I can't remember the name of the community, but I am hoping that someone will be able to provide me with any information. My e-mail address is lowane87@aol.com. Thank you -- J Collier

Date:5 February 2000
Name: Sheri

H.W. born 1816 / 1817 in Illinois . I have found out recentley he died in 1987 and was living in Lake county , Florida at one time . Is anyone there a descendant of this man . I am his blood offspring by a woman he knew back in 1946 when he lived in St Louis . I have a child who has had something turn up in her blood we think is inheritable and are checking the family line . This man fathered me and I know nothing of him or his parents. Please contact me if you have any information as what diseases the family died from ect . I hold no animosity toward the WINKLER family. Would just like to know about the blood line . :) Please help if you can. thanks for anyone's help . sheri

Date:3 February 2000
Name: Robert S. Orrell

Searching for information on the Town of Ravenswood. The town was built by John S. Banks in the 1880s just north of Altoona, Lake County on Hiway 19. The entire town burned in 1888 but I do not have an exact date. Ravenswood is listed in the book "Florida's Forgotten Towns" but with very little information. With a date, I probably could find a newspaper article. Also looking for John S. Banks' burial place. He died in 1885 in Ravenswood. This part of Lake County was in Orange County until 1887 when Lake County was formed.

Date:2 February 2000
Name: Lynne Copley

Looking for any information at all about my grandfather Ernest Hayne Williams. According to SSDI he resided in Paisley, Floriday at the time of his death, October 1985. He would have been 88 at the time. http://community.webtv.net/copley/TiedemannWilliams

Date:12 January 2000
Name: Nancy J.Fisher

I need to locate an obit. for JOSEPH HIGGINS ADAMS who died in Sorrento, FL (Lake County), May 8, 1876. He resided in either Perrysburg, Ohio with his parents, or in Oberlin, Ohio. He was 22 years old and a junior at Oberlin College when he died. Thank you. Nancy Adams-Fisher.

Date:8 January 2000
Name: Rickey L Caines

I have a newspaper clipping that states my GGrandfather, Willam Jordan THOMAS b. Feb 10, 1880 in Oklawaha of Marion Co., FL had a surviving half brother John MUNDEN or MUNDON of Howey in the Hills. In the Lake County Marriage Index, Bk 1, L-Z, there is a listing of Wm. M. MUNDEN to (Mrs.) Mary THOMAS on May 26, 1888. I believe these are related individuals. If you have any information on the above families I would appreicate the sharing.

Date:2 January 2000
Name: Yusufsubu

I'm looking for information about Annie Mae McFadden she lived in Umatilla until she died in 1947 or 1948. This lady is a relative of mine I would like to know exactly when she died and where she is buried. She had four sons and a husband name Odis, her maiden last name was Lundy.

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