The following individuals have generously volunteered their time and resources.  Please use the following Rules:

New:  One of  our volunteers has asked to be removed from the Look-up list because individuals have not been following directions.  I am very disappointed that we have lost someone with valuable resources.  Please, when you request that a volunteer use their time to do you a favor, follow the Rules (as set above).  There is no excuse for "all Smith's in the county" nor rudeness when the response does not contain what you wanted to hear.  If there are more problems, I will have no choice but to remove this service.  To the detriment of all of us.  Please, please be considerate.  Most of us have full-time jobs and other commitments, not to mention families.
Volunteer  Resource  Limits
Carl Mobley Several Clay County Cemeteries (including updated list for Long Branch Cemetery).  
Brian Smart Magnolia Cemetery in Orange Park  one name per request
Michele 1910 Federal Census, Clay Co., FL  one to two names per request
(knowing ED/Sht/Line Numbers helpful)

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